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Learn tips on how to date your parties and become the most successful consultant you can be.

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These recipes will help make your parties successful, as swell as help making cooking a breeze!

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Use these resources to help make your business successful.

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Party Power Sales

    9 TW theme 7 Up Party

    100 Midget Uses

    2009 Sustainability Brochure

    Ad for Chocolate Lovers

    Advance Meal Planning


    Baby Food Demo

    Back to School

    Back to School Party

    Back Yard BBQ

    Bahama Mama


    Banana 2

    Banana Games + Recipes

    Banana Invitation

    Banana Party Recipe

    Banana Split Cover Sheet

    Beach Towel Game + Recipes

    Best Dressed Banana Party

    Blender Party

    Boredom Busters

    Bubble Bath Bath Salts

    Camping Demo

    Camping Made Easy

    Camping With Tupperware 101

    Chop 'n Prep Chef Time Savers

    Cooking Class

    Demo Skills 5 Steps to Sales Success + Set Selling

    Demo: $1000 Auction Bucks

    Demo: Banana Party Fun

    Demo: Bridal Shower

    Demo: Brief Bright Burrfect

    Demo: Dinner in a Skillet Dinner Tip

    Demo Goal

    Demo: Summer Without Sedatives

    Demo -Throwaway Comparison Updated

    Demo Tips

    Did You Know

    Driveway Party (pdf)

    Driveway Party (word)

    Fall Holiday Theme Parties

    Families Throw Away Around 1/3 of All the Food They         Buy

    FFDD Ad

    FFDD Party Invite

    Fiberific Ad

    FibeRiffic Party

    Flip Flop Theme

    Freeze + Ease Guide

    Freezer Storage Chart

    Freeze Smart Chart

    Freezer Mate Tip Card Originals

    Fridge Ad

    Fridge Party Invite

    Fridgesmart Demo

    Fruit Salsa

    Fun for Kids

    Go Green Facts Flyer

    Go Green Fact Sheet

    Go Green Hand Out

    Going Green

    Grillin Ad

    Grillin Need to Know

    Grillin Party Invite


    Hawaiian Theme Sets + Recipes


    Hot Off

    Ice Cream Demo

    Just call me a CHICKEN

    Kids Club Recipes

    Fun for Kids

    Kids Love to Party Too!

    Meatloaf 20 Smart Steamer

    Microfiber Outline

    Microwave Basics For Your Stack Cooker

    Microwave Magic

    Microwave Magic Recipes

    Mod Mate Demo Tips

    Mommy & Me

    Mommy + Me Party

    Money Saving Tupperware Survey

    Penn State Fruit Veg


    Pick-a-Party Recipes


    Potato Party

    Red White Blue

    Rice Maker

    Rice Maker Insert

    Rice Maker Visual Guide

    Rock N Serve Booklet

    Salsa Ad

    Salsa Party Invite

    Savings Chart

    Simply Salsa

    Smart Buy Comparison

    Smart Steamer

    Smart Steamer Handout

    Stack Cooker Survey

    Strawberry Ice Cream Ad

    Strawberry Ice Cream Party Invite

    Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

    Summertime Parties

    Summertime Party Tips

    Super Bowl Party

    Super Salad Party


    The TRUE cost of Convenience Foods

    Themes + Games

    Tupperware Easy Freezing Guide

    TW Theme Banana Split Party

    TW Sustainability

    Valentine Party Ideas

    Watermelon + Parties

    Whip n Prep

    Wine Down Ad

    Wine Down Need to Know

    Wine Glass Vote Page

    Wine Party Invite