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Learn tips on how to date your parties and become the most successful consultant you can be.

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These recipes will help make your parties successful, as swell as help making cooking a breeze!

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Use these resources to help make your business successful.

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Party Power Sales

    200 Games

    Absent Minded Mom Game

    Action Games


    Auction Survey Aug 2006 Index Card Size

    Back to School Games




    Coat + Candy

    Dating Game

    Dice Game

    Dream of a Job

    Jelly Bean Opportunity Game

    Lap Game

    Let's Make a Deal

    List Games

    M&M Recruiting

    Misc Point Game


    Newlywed Game Questions

    Penny Game Inserts

    Penny Game Instructions

    Pick Your Own Price

    Recruiting or Dating

    Right Left


    Shape-O-Toy Recruiting

    Smidget Game Slips

    Smidget With A String Attached

    Smidget Game


    Toilet Paper Party

    TV Game Recruiting