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Learn tips on how to date your parties and become the most successful consultant you can be.

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These recipes will help make your parties successful, as swell as help making cooking a breeze!

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Use these resources to help make your business successful.

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Party Power Sales

    $100 Outside Order Postcard

    $550 party challenge

    $800 Club

    1 Host Overachiever

    4b Chicken Postcard Invitation

    40 Guests in 4 Minutes (pdf)

    40 Guests in 4 Minutes (word)

    123 Challenge

    After Party Thank You

    After the Party TY Letter by Belinda Ellsworth

    Auction Invite Blank

    Auction Party Insert


    Book Party Planning Guide

    Bridal Wish List

    Catalog Party Tic Tac Toe (word)

    Catalog Party Tic Tac Toe (pdf)

    Checklist for Record Breaking Week -Lee

    Consultant Hostess Coaching Check List

by Belinda Ellsworth

    Customers, Hostesses & Big Talking Fans HO

    Dating Cards Blank

    Don't Accept Re-Arrangements Easily

    Dream Of A Job

    Easy as Pie

    Faxable Mailing List

    Forget Me Not Reminder

    Free Gifts

    Frequently Asked Questions

About Hosting a Tupperware Party

    Grand Sheet

    Guest Mailing List Blank

    Guest List Reminder

    Guest Tic Tac Toe


    Hints for Having a 1000 Party

    Host Challenge 6 Items

    Host Coaching Sheet

    Host Information Dating Card

    Host Overachiever

    Host Wish List

    Host Challenge Labels

        Hostess Paycheck

    Hostess Thank You

    Hostess Tracking Record

    Hostess Tic-Tac-Toe

    Mailing List Letter

    My Tupperware Business

    My Version Thank You for Dating a Party: Belinda Ellsworth

    Packing Out is Easy as PIE

    Page to Snoopy Letter

    PARTY (word)

    PARTY (pdf)

    Party Plan

    Party Plan -5 Easy Steps

    Party Plan Checklist

    Party Plan $100 Raffle Board

    Party Plan Building Party Attendance for a Big Month

    Party Plan Fortune 500

    Party Planning Simple

    Party Planning Tic Tac Tupper

    Pre-Party Calls to Guests

    Sandy's Host Challenge Sheet

    SI Party Planner

    Spice Challenge Flyer

    Spicy Challenge Coupons

    Tic Tac Toe for Flyers

    Tic Tac Toe Guest

    Tic Tac Tupper

    Ticket Game Send with Brochure

    Tupper Connect

    Tupper Connect Flyer

    Tupper Connect Parties

    Tupper Tender Money

    Tupperware Guest List

    TW Outside Order Form

    TW Telephone Tag

    Welcome to your Office Party

    What You Can Do to Have a

Very Successful Party

    Your Invites Are in the Mail by Belinda Ellsworth