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Learn tips on how to date your parties and become the most successful consultant you can be.

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These recipes will help make your parties successful, as swell as help making cooking a breeze!

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Use these resources to help make your business successful.

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Party Power Sales

1st 30 Day Checklist (revised 8-2)


10 Hours Per Week

10 Day Jump Start

Activating a My.Tupperware Account

After the Party TY Letter by Belinda Ellsworth

Ask You Questions for Prizes

Auction Dollars

Auction How to

Auction Postcards

Big 100

Calendar Worksheet

Cash and Carry Program

CC Phone Tips Back

Chain of Confidence Necklace

Checkcare Application

Confident Start

Dating New Consultants, Future Managers

Create Good Habit Patterns and Much More

Customer Care Script

Dating Excuses and Answers

Dating Scripts

Dating Excuse List

Demo Skills: 5 Steps to Sales Success and Set Selling

Directors In Qualification (DIQs)

Drawing Slip

Dream Driver

E Party Info

Finding a Recruit in 1st 30 Days!

First 72 Hours Checklist

Friend-Finding Training

Full Party Outline KB

Game Smidget Auction

Getting Started Guide

Here's the Scoop

Host Coaching

I'm Selling Tupperware

Invitation Generic

Marketing Your TW Website

May 2011 Parts Catalog

May 2011 Parts Index


Money Plain

My.Tupperware Activation

NCO Checklist

New Cons Biz Essentials WB ENG Final

New Consultant Dating Ideas

New Consultant Jump Start

New Consultants Success in 30 Days

New Take Control of Your Paperwork

New Cons Start-up Checklist

New Consultant Welcome Pack

New Cons Website Hot List

Once I Get Organized

Order Entry

Overcoming Objections 1 + 2

Sales-force Minimum Requirements

The Importance of Using a Door Prize Slip

The Power Hour and Organizational Info

Top Ten Qualities of a Successful Consultant

Training Bonus


Tupper Tender

Tuppertrends Newsletter

Tupperware Website Training

TW Questionnaire Coupon

TW Brochure Order Form Editable

TW Join Leadership Flyer

TW Sustainability

Website Getting Started

Welcome to Tupperware Contact Sheet Page 1

Welcome to Tupperware Contact Sheet Page 2

What is Demonstrating Tupperware Demo Flow

What to Do With Survey Card

What You Should Take